Manny Speaks Out

Tonight on 60 FSP:

Mann. E. Quin speaks out for the first time ever!  Why the silence? WHO's been stopping him? Find out in the latest edition of our exclusive interview series, 60 FPS.

STAGE.HUB: Coming Soon

Introducing STAGE.HUB from FUTURE.STAGE.

What is STAGE.HUB? It’s the rug that ties the room together! Connect actors and production teams from around the world! Broadcast, playback and record live synchronized performances, manage takes and time travel!

Who's ready to make some content!?

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Happy Holidays from FUTURE.STAGE made by Evil Eye Pictures

In this little vignette Evil Eye Pictures wanted to create a holiday greeting using our FUTURE.STAGE technology.

We went from the stage at Astro, with Harper Tramm suited up, all the way to sharing on our social channels in less than 6 hours. That 6 hours included the performance capture, look dev, art creation and implementation in Unreal. Amazing.

Other fun facts: we used Adobe's AI generating Firefly to create a wintery psych using the key words "Snowy mountain background panoramic image with trees and camera close to ground tilt shift". With a little added snow particles, a prop tree, and a little holiday magic – presto!

The Collision of Collaboration

Have you ever tried doing a live virtual performance capture with complete strangers from three different mocap stages around the world? Well, let me tell you, it’s a wild and fun ride. FUTURE.STAGE recently had the pleasure of bringing together Patrick Pennefather in Vancouver BC, Nino Mancuso in Pasadena, and Ashton Solecki in Santa Monica for a live and virtual performance capture session.

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FUTURE.STAGE was used in an episode of "noun • learning, inside out". noun creates content with students, for students.

In this episode, kids interview FUTURE.STAGE' Project Manager, Aaron Rhodes. "It was fun to be interviewed, but amazing to use our software while doing so!" said Aaron.

You can watch the teaser on our YouTube channel.

Watch the full program here.

Coast to Coast Connections

The Secret Hideout, Pasadena's biggest little mocap stage, used FUTURE.STAGE to capture Brendan Bradley in an impromptu collab performance session with fabulous mocap director America Young. America was directing from a remote location where she could monitor facial performance, watch and record the body retargeted in her own Unreal Engine scene, and communicate remotely with the stage and performer.

Here's a quick recap of the antics, watch the video

A Motion Capture Dance Off

Watch the power of FUTURE.STAGE in action when two dancers, in two different cities, dance in Unreal Engine together - in real time! Using an iPhone to capture facial expressions and voice. And a motion capture suit to record the body, these two disparate locations merge into one – seamlessly.

SIGGRAPH 2022 Real-Time Live!

FUTURE.STAGE was at SIGGRAPH's Real-Time Live where we showcased and demonstrated our product in front of a live audience. This event was a chance to compete with the latest and most advanced interactive projects in real-time.

We were ranked in the top three for the Audience Choice awards!

Here's the SIGGRAPH link to watch the show

Introducing FUTURE.STAGE

FUTURE.STAGE is a remote, live performance platform that captures actors’ performances from anywhere in the world and streams them in perfect sync to Unreal Engine instances anywhere in the world.